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Plush lamb with lavender

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A soothing sheep plush toy is a sweet and soft plush toy with a clay bead bag inside that can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer (while making it easier to keep the bag clean). In addition, the soft toy clay bead bag contains natural lavender oil (1%), which, when heated, spreads a pleasant lavender scent around it and improves sleep. The heat effect is very pleasant at bedtime and at rest. The effects of the cold relieve fever and otherwise cool it.

This is what gives the child an innate peaceful rest when sleeping, in restless moments, or when they are sick. Recommended age: + 3 years. The product meets EU requirements.

  • Recommended age +3 years
  • Material: plush toy 100% polyester, clay bead bag 100% cotton, bag inside: 97% clay balls, 2% carbon beads, 1% lavender oil
  • Approximate dimensions: 21 x 35 x 14 cm
  • Package includes instructions