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Non-slip training towel

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Non-slip training towel is a towel for many different training moments and uses. It also dries quickly. Due to its large size, it is also well suited as a training and yoga platform. Dimensions: 60 x 180 x 0.4 cm

A quick-drying training towel with a double-sided non-slip design makes physical training more comfortable. The special textile of the non-slip towel gives a firm grip and stability and prevents slipping. This multi-purpose towel is soft and comfortable, so it won't damage or irritate your skin.

A non-slip exercise towel can also be placed on gym equipment or mats when exercising. The towel can be easily folded or rolled and is easy to carry and store as it takes up little space. The towel is also very breathable and absorbent, so it quickly absorbs sweat. The towel is washed with a gentle washing program without fabric softener. Light blue.

  • Material:
    • 80% Polyester
    • 20% Nylon