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Fitness rim

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Adjustable fitness rim is the ideal tool for exercise and body firming with extra weight. The sturdy weight rim is ergonomic and multifunctional, as it rubs the waist at the same time. Excellent for strengthening and firming muscles.

The fitness rim is suitable for the waist and its detachable 24 parts can be easily combined and detached to fit your own waist. The rim connector has a safety latch and the inner pins have flexible guards that hold it firmly in place. They also bind the power of the turn and provide a 360-degree massage effect. The fitness rim includes a 280-gram weight accessory with a pulley and a string that you can adjust to a suitable length.

This rim with automatic rotation is easier to use than regular rims and is therefore especially recommended for beginners as it does not drop during use. In addition, the speed can be adjusted gradually to burn calories faster. Your fitness rim takes up little space, especially when disassembled, so it's easy to take anywhere. The rim is also durable because it is made of high quality materials.

  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Overall dimensions: circumference 120cm, width / thickness 2.5cm, weight 1.09kg